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How we helped Huffer with Magento & marketing.

We skipped the ramp for the street.

If you’re from Down Under - of course you know Huffer. Just skip our preamble of sorts, and head straight to what we did for them!

If you’re not - it's about time. Huffer has been a pioneer of iconic streetwear since 1997. They make technical outerwear and functional streetwear in the words of their founder Steve Dunstan. And their collections stand out for their distinct style and legacy in the annals of global street fashion.

When we got started, Huffer wanted to maximize the performance of their online store, which was rooted in collections that catered to their Street, Skate, and Snow styles. They needed a partner to help them add nifty features, improve sales, and enable CRO practices for growth.

A mission to optimize an outerwear brand experience

Built on Magento (now Adobe Commerce), Huffer’s online store needed technical optimizations for an improved customer experience. Their marketing team was experiencing drop-offs in key parts of the store and needed a simpler way to engage and retain customers, and streamline the check-out process.

The Huffer team also had a significant base of subscribers with low email engagement, and were looking for a partner who could give their email marketing a shot in the arm. That’s when we started our involvement in the project.


We came, we saw, we simplified.

As part of our initial research, we gathered insights on Huffer’s customers and their pain points, needs and motivations. Our exhaustive Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) audit helped us identify the source of customer drop-offs and how we could improve the on-site user journey.

We created a recommendation list of new features that could streamline shopping. Our tech team also ran an audit of the codebase for performance improvement insights, and to look for ways we could future-proof the backend.

All geared up and ready to play.

After an early diagnosis, we made progressive changes to Huffer’s Magento store.

Impactful Interface Design

We reimagined and redesigned Huffer’s homepage with a focus on visual merchandising and product photography. We also built highly visual landing pages for Huffer’s marketing campaigns, which were designed for effective conversion.

Improved Site Search

Search is a feature that’s often overlooked and comes with a heavy opportunity cost. Most on-site search modules are broken, with only 39% of websites supporting broad search queries. Huffer’s site search was a high intent customer touchpoint, so we fixed this functionality for better results.

Simplified Cart Access

To reduce customer drop-offs and remove friction from the purchasing flow, we built a ‘Quick Cart’ to offer customers a glance of what’s in the cart, without taking them away from the shopping experience. This was also designed to enable express checkout for quick purchases.

All geared up and ready to play.

Smart Product Filters

Since Huffer’s store had a wide range of products across multiple categories and collections, we built detailed and thematic product filters to simplify browsing. We also made filters visually accessible for users to understand what filters were applied, and deselect them without issues.

Engaging Email Marketing

Huffer’s email audience was low on engagement, so we created custom and time sensitive email campaigns with exclusive offers on new arrivals to create a sense of urgency and increase open rates and click-throughs. Our marketing team created personalized winback campaigns for core audience segments to improve retention and drive lifetime sales without additional ad spends.

Marketing Automation & Stack

To streamline customer communication across segments, we set up the complete marketing stack for Huffer across their email, push and on-site notifications and customer engagement. Since we were driving traffic from email and other sources, the onsite communication was customized to cater to new and existing audiences.


Project Credits

Senior Magento Developer

Saurabh Sahu

Client Relationship

Gopi Para

Project Manager

Sunny Joshua