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A Whiff Of Success With A Leading Fragrance Brand

We caught a whiff of an opportunity.

Pura is reinventing the future of fragrance. With their ultra-modern lineup of smart home fragrance diffusers, they're reimagining how people control and experience their favorite scents in their personal spaces. We got an opportunity to help Pura upgrade to a brand new Shopify store and leverage the potential of OS 2.0.

A Roadmap To Bring Vision 2.0 To Life

Pura is one of the market leaders in the fragrance industry, with a range of luxury-styled scents. With their game-changing smart scent diffuser technology, Pura is defining the future of home fragrance, allowing users to customize the scent experience from their smartphones.

Their team reached out to us to upgrade their standard e-commerce site design and improve their overall brand and customer experience.

Pura's existing website required more than just technical optimizations to improve the digital experience and, ultimately, increase sales.

Our team was eager to assist Pura in maximizing their store's performance and delivering pixel-perfect pages. More information on Shopify OS 2.0 here.

Smells Like Team Spirit

The Pura team had a well-detailed plan for their 2.0 migration. Since the sprints were defined, we could streamline our delivery across the engagement timeline and maintain tight async updates in real-time.

The mandate to upgrade the Pura store to Shopify 2.0 was clear, but we also considered other components to induce on-site engagement.

Our goal was simple - to promote less code complexity and better performance across the board. So we decided to take an agile approach, and cycled through 5 sprints with deliveries focussed on:

Simplified Navigation

We wanted to create a unique shopping experience for all visitors. With well-organized tabs and categories leading to relevant product pages, we ensured that the new store will drive more leads and will improve LTV.

Dynamic Search & Recommendations

Enabling simpler product discovery can drive more purchases and engagement. Our team decided to simplify discovery across the product, checkout, and collections pages. This was also done to increase the AOV in the long run.

Improved LTV

With a flexible subscription offering, Pura could accomplish two goals - improving order frequency and getting more out of their current customer base, and promoting brand loyalty through rewards.

We set out on a course to build a new store from the ground up while preserving the flexibility to efficiently manage the storefront layout (minus the complex code edits).

Elevating Pura’s eCommerce Experience

Intelligent & Customized Search

Seamless product discovery is the cornerstone of an effective eCommerce experience. We developed Pura’s search module with an advanced recommendation strategy, to highlight products based on their popularity and user preferences. We also built interactive and thematic product filters to ease the experience.

Third-Party App Integration

We implemented an app integration to drive recurring sales and subscriptions, and improve customer lifetime value (LTV). Pura’s team was keen on driving sales through user-generated content (UGC), so we implemented reviews and on-site engagement as part of our app stack.

Always Accessible Cart Drawer

We always recommend paying attention to the cart, and that’s what we enabled for Pura too. Our custom cart drawer featured recommendations for bestsellers and new arrivals to nudge users and improve their chances of conversion.

Crafting Pixel Perfect Pages

Pura’s design team had created user-friendly and elegant pages that were in line with their branding. Our mission was to bring these designs alive with pixel-perfect code. Our team worked on all primary pages, including the homepage and product showcase pages.



“We evaluated 9 other agencies before we landed on Coderapper. We could not be happier with the work and the recommendations they provided. They didn’t just help us uplift our Shopify site; they helped us dramatically improve our digital experience. We definitely recommend Coderapper!”



Senior Product Manager, Pura

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Vignesh S
Thanigai Babu R
Priya Singh

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Shakthi Priyah