The World's Leading Music Company
  • Shopify Plus
  • Custom Applications
  • Accessibility & Compliance

We built a Shopify stack to support 1500+ global artist stores

A pitch perfect strategy

We helped one of the world's largest publicly-traded music companies with their eCommerce digital transformation. Our team built and managed a Shopify stack to support the multinational conglomerate's business operations and feature rollouts across 1500+ artist stores.

Since 2019, we’ve helped their technology leaders build out a robust Shopify 1.0 and 2.0 stack with custom functionalities. Our consultants:

  1. Modernized and stabilized their existing themes
  2. Proposed and built custom apps and functionalities
  3. Centralized omnichannel store management and feature rollouts
  4. Simplified data aggregation, analytics, and tracking

This helped the company unlock new revenue streams, streamline workflows, and enable data-driven decision-making.

Hundreds of artist stores. One Shopify stack.

We built a 1.0 stack to unify their enterprise systems, and are currently working on maintenance and 2.0 upgrades.

  • Built and maintained a tech stack for 4+ years
  • React-powered and personalized Shopify themes
  • Custom applications for Subscriptions and Auctions
  • Customizable bundles, metafields, and upsell/cross-selling
  • Multi-lang search and advanced filtering/sorting
  • Custom app to migrate all products from a legacy stack to Shopify
  • UI customizations and light/dark mode for artists stores
  • Localized shipping features and product availability
  • Customized checkout options for each store

Fine-tuning systems for FTC & ADA Compliance

We successfully executed a comprehensive rollout of FTC and ADA compliance measures for all 1500+ artist stores, for a seamless and inclusive user experience.

Our team meticulously integrated accessibility features in line with the latest ADA guidelines, while adhering to FTC regulations for transparent marketing practices. The processes involved stringent due diligence, and close collaboration with legal and industry experts.

This proactive approach minimized the risk of legal issues and showcased our commitment to providing an equitable shopping experience.

Simplifying aggregated data tracking & analytics

We implemented a Google Tag Manager (GTM) layer for streamlining the aggregated data tracking and analytics across all artist stores, and for improved reporting and data intelligence.

Our solution provided a unified and comprehensive view of customer behavior and store performance.

This implementation delivered valuable insights into user engagement, conversion rates and trends, and empowered our client to make informed decisions and optimize their marketing strategies. This also contributed to an enhanced understanding of audience preferences, fostering a personalized experience for fans.

Project Credits


Arun Kumar Shukla
Avinash Tummukuru
Karthik Reddy
Ganesh Kumar
Evan Glover

Shopify Solutions Lead

Gopi Para